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Weightlifting to Lose Weight

Weightlifting to Lose Weight

Are the numbers on your scale causing a dip in your mood and self-esteem? Then, you may have already begun to think about implementing an exercise program to help you shed unwanted pounds. However, the information available can be contradictory and confusing. While traditional advice leans heavily towards cardio, many modern fitness influencers and experts claim that weightlifting is the way to go. At Right Weight Center, we provide medical weight loss management services for clients, and we understand the importance of exercise for gaining control over your health. Before you trade in your running shoes for a set of dumbbells, read below to learn more about weightlifting and its effect on weight loss.

Is Weightlifting Helpful for Weight Loss?

The question isn't just whether weightlifting can help you lose weight; it's about how it reshapes the entire weight loss narrative. Unlike cardio, which primarily burns calories during the activity, weightlifting continues to torch calories long after you've left the gym. This afterburn effect, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, means your body keeps burning calories as it repairs and rebuilds muscle fibers. As a bonus, increasing muscle mass boosts your resting metabolic rate, turning your body into a more efficient calorie-burning machine even on your off days.

Gain a Leaner Physique Through Strength Training

There’s no need to try and bulk up overnight; with the right strategy, you can sculpt a leaner figure without overwhelming your muscles. Try out resistance training exercises that challenge your important muscle groups to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. A balanced routine combined with a controlled calorie deficit in your diet can unveil the lean, toned physique hidden beneath excess fat.

The Best Frequency for Lifting Weights

So, how often should you hoist those weights to see the number on the scale go down? The sweet spot for beginners is typically three days a week, allowing for rest days in between to let muscles repair and grow. As you progress, you might find your body can handle more frequent or intense sessions. However, the golden rule is to listen to your body and ensure you're giving it enough time to recover to prevent burnout or injuries.

Can You Skip the Cardio?

A common myth in weight loss circles is that cardio is non-negotiable. Yet, for those who dread the monotonous miles on a treadmill, weightlifting offers an appealing alternative. While incorporating some cardio can definitely improve overall cardiovascular health, it's not strictly necessary for weight loss. A well-designed weightlifting program can be sufficient to reduce body fat and improve physical health. The best workout is the one you can stick with long term, and if weightlifting is your preference, you're more likely to maintain a consistent routine.

Are You Looking for an Experienced Medical Weight Loss Doctor in Your Area?

Weightlifting challenges the conventional wisdom that cardio is the only path to weight loss. So, if you're ready to shift your weight loss strategy from running in circles to lifting yourself up, reach out to us. At Right Weight Center, we pride ourselves on designing weight loss management programs that are effective and customized to your unique needs. Contact our office if you have questions or want to schedule your first session with a local weight loss doctor.

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