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Clinically-Driven & Affordable Weight Loss Programs

At Right Weight Center, we harmonize the expertise of medical professionals with the latest in weight management research to offer you a unique weight loss experience. Our approach is refreshingly straightforward, combining medical precision with a clear focus on your individual needs. We also continuously adapt our strategies to stay at the forefront of weight management trends and findings. Our team of specialists is dedicated to crafting a weight loss journey that aligns with your personal health goals and lifestyle. We believe in transparency, respect, and empathy, forming the cornerstone of our philosophy and our relationship with you.

Our medical weight loss centers have helped thousands see themselves change. Our specialists help visitors achieve their weight loss goals by creating a comprehensive personalized weight loss program tailored just for you. Our team includes board-certified family care physicians, physician assistants, and technicians.  

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With our weight loss tools and diet plan, our team can help you stay focused and achieve your weight loss goals - easily, and safely.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic
Metabolic & Weight Loss Boosters

Many find themselves struggling to shed pounds, despite best efforts. Metabolic weight loss programs are a scientifically…

Revive Complex Injections

Have you hit a roadblock on your journey to wellness and a healthy weight? In the quest…

Topamax + Phentermine

Are you feeling weighed down, not just by the extra pounds but also by the burden of finding…

Lipotropic & B12 Injections

Often whispered about in fitness corners and discussed in wellness forums, Lipotropic compounds are emerging as a helpful…

Lipotropic & B12 Injections
Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic & B12 Injections For Weight Loss

Lipotropic compounds and B12 injections help catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body. And lecithin can help break down fats from foods into fatty acids, which are more likely to be used as a source of energy fuel (rather than being stored as body fat). At Right Weight Center, our physicians understand the essential role that vitamins and minerals play in the body, particularly when it comes to breaking down fat. If diet and exercise have not been working for you, then your body may be in need of vital minerals and vitamins that allow you to lose fat and burn calories.

Our lipotropic injections contain a high-powered blend of B vitamins and amino acids, which work in tandem to boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, and support the removal of fat from the body. This medically supervised treatment is an excellent addition to your weight loss arsenal, helping you achieve more pronounced results while maintaining peak vitality.

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Improve Cell Vitality With Revive Complex Injections
Revive Complex

Improve Cell Vitality With Revive Complex Injections

Our comprehensive supplement combines essential nutrients with powerful natural compounds to enhance your metabolism and support fat burning. Our Revive Complex helps in restoring your body's balance, ensuring that you're not just losing weight, but also feeling more energetic and vibrant in your day-to-day life.

Designed to help kickstart your metabolism and feel more energized, Revive Complex is a compounded blend of vitamins and amino acids essential to boost metabolism so your body can release excess fat and revive cell function for optimal wellness. With a blend of amino acids and vitamins, Revive Complex can. The Revive Complex formula was designed to revive cells that can become diseased. Revived cells will in turn reboot organ function, preventing or delaying disease processes that can impede weight loss goals, lead to dangerous health conditions, and ultimately reduce your quality of life.

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Lose Weight & Feel Your Best With Topamax + Phentermine
Topamax + Phentermine

Lose Weight & Feel Your Best With Topamax + Phentermine

For those seeking a potent combination to tackle weight loss, we offer Topamax + Phentermine. This combination is fine-tuned to maximize results while minimizing potential side effects, under the watchful eye of our experienced team. The dynamic duo works to suppress your appetite and increase satiety, making it easier to stick to your nutritional plan and reduce caloric intake. Clinical studies have backed the efficacy of this powerful pair, and we’re excited to see it transform lives. Under our careful supervision, this approach can be an effective component of your personalized weight loss strategy.

When used together, Topamax and Phentermine can suppress the appetite and increase energy levels. This can help to create a positive weight loss environment, as people are able to stick to their diet and exercise program more easily. The combination of these two medications can also help people achieve their desired weight loss goals in a shorter period of time.

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Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Great Reasons to Choose the Right Weight Center

Committed To Build A Positive, Safe Patient-Focused Culture.

We blend science-based techniques with compassionate care, ensuring your journey is not only successful but also sustainable. With us, you're part of the family and we're committed to guiding you towards achieving your weight loss goals in a supportive and uplifting environment.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Patients Say About Us

See what our patients have to say... You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to lose weight. Our patients have great inspiring stories from a experience with us.

Simone Honesty

To whom it may concern;  I Have been a Client with Right Weight Clinic for over ten years. I think you did a great job when you helped me today. So in my opinion I definitely rate you all a  "5 ". I really think that you have a great team and the young ladies there are very professional, and friendly. One of the things I admire about Right Weight is that you can always get in and out in a timely manner. Also, something I really appreciate about Right Weight is even when Dr. Gupta was there, A young man who took my cash payment. Matter of fact, I saw him today. He is always pleasant to work with. And another person is a young lady who's been there forever! and she still works there. She's very encouraging and plays Videos for us to watch when we sit and wait for our names to be called. Actually everyone is nice to me, even the Nutritionist. I will continue to share my experience with others about the Right Weight Clinic. And you all keep up the good work, because I need you." I won't give up " Sincerely Yours, Simone Honesty

Susan Johnson

I really appreciate Towanda because she really cares: Towanda  expressed when I came into the office recently she noticed she had not seen me lately. This is just one example of the Excellent Customer Service she provides inclusive of having an extensive history of the company and customers. This medical facility services so many people but her observations, connections and knowledge of the company's services are unmatched. What a personable professional touch.

April Dixon

Nika was great! Very knowledgeable and informative about the program. Could not have asked for a better person to make me feel comfortable throughout the process.

Keith Tukes

RightWeight is the best and most economical weight loss clinic in the DMV. I have researched others and none comes close to RightWeight. The customer service in the clinic is the best. The doctors have great bedside manners. I am steady in my weight loss journey but I am able to manage my weight with RightWeight.

Amanda Oldakowski

My Doctor in the same office said the program works when I asked about it. I am tired of dieting and fad weight loss program that bounce me up and down. This actually works. Totally legit. I've been on the program for 6 weeks and lost about 20 lbs so far. Definitely going to keep going. Be sure to ask about times! You don't want to be late and they get busy in the afternoons

Pamela Carr

Every visit has been outstanding. The staff is very friendly, professional and gives excellent advice on how you can get the best experience from the goal you’re trying to reach. They all are awesome!

Barbara Reed

My experience was great.  I was in and out in no time. Staff was friendly. The gentleman was very helpful at explaining the different plans to me to help me make a decision on which would be good for me.

Lenore Smith

Staff there is friendly especially the nurses. I was happy that I didn't have to start over after 2 years because of the pandemic. I just picked up where I left off! All my info was still in the system. To my surprise I weighed nine pounds less than my last visit, but still have some pounds to lose. Best time to go, IMO is in the morning, if possible.

Donna Fox

Staff were friendly, helpful, and informative. Even though my appointment was one of the last for the day, they never made me feel like they were rushing through and took the time to thoroughly answer all questions.

Tee Pearson

There always Offering New Drugs So When You Go in Please make sure you Ask Them because there not gonna tell you anything then charge you the whole Price later if you want something else the next Day HECK now money is loss

Channelle Young

Right Weight has definitely earned me as a very satisfied client. During my first week I lost a whooping 7pounds ????...I followed the plan exactly the way it was and exercised daily. The more I returned back to right weight i felt exactly home. The staff was very inspiring and motivated me when I came in to receive my services. The walk in availability has been the greatest thing since appointments and convenient. I would recommend any and everyone to come in here i reside at this very affordable business.

Our Programs

Right Weight Clinics Offers Affordable Plans

Get in Shape


Regular Price: $239.00
Plan Includes

  • B12/Lipo Injection
  • Semaglutide with B6.
  • Price for Semaglutide 0.25MG.

Revive Complex Ultra-Fat Burner


Plan Includes

  • Medical evaluation (check vitals and body analysis)
  • Diet Plan and Exercise assessment for compliance and progression
  • Revive Complex injection (full Dosage)

Diet Medication


Plan Includes

  • Medical evaluation (check vitals and body analysis)
  • Three week supply of Diet Medication (ONLY)
  • Diet Plan and Exercise assessment for compliance and progression

Ultra-Fat Burner & Performance Enhancer


Plan Includes

  • Medical evaluation
  • Vitals check (weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, waist measurement)
  • Vita Complex injection
  • Revive Amino Injection
  • Diet plan and exercise assessment for compliance and progression
  • Three week supply of medication
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