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Pick Your Path To Weight Loss: Right Weight Center’s Proven Weight Loss Plans

Pick Your Path To Weight Loss: Right Weight Center’s Proven Weight Loss Plans

Unlike many weight loss programs with expensive fees and long-term contracts, Right Weight Center’s programs are affordable, 3-week-long plans that can be custom-made to your unique needs. Patients who follow our weight loss programs see weight loss results in 3 to 6 weeks and are, by and large, thrilled with their results. 

We provide physician-directed weight loss programs for both men and women between the ages of 16 and 59, who have a BMI (body mass index) above or equal to 25. Our approach to weight loss is two-pronged - we aim to increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite at the same time, so you can watch fat melt away. 

How Does Your Program Work?

When you come to our office, a Right Weight physician will: 

  • Check your vitals, weight, height, BMI and blood pressure
  • Review your medical history
  • Discuss past surgeries
  • Check to see if any medications you take would interact with our weight-loss products
  • Work with you to pinpoint your weight-loss goals

After one of our doctors assesses your overall health, we can then decide if one of our weight-loss programs is right for you. We may customize a program to meet your unique needs and specific weight-loss goals. 

The next step is to:

  • Register you for the program
  • Go over the diet plan
  • Discuss your daily food habits
  • Administer medications as needed
  • Complete follow-ups every three weeks to monitor progress

What Weight-Loss Programs Do You Offer?

We provide four different, affordable packages that come with the following features:

  1. The Weight-Loss Metabolic Booster

This plan aims to fast-track your weight loss with a combination of diet medications and B12 injections for energy. It includes:

  • Medical evaluation
  • Weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and waist measurement
  • Three-week supply of diet medications
  • B12 injection
  • Diet plan and exercise assessment 
  1. The Metabolic Booster

True to its name, our Metabolic Booster kick-starts your metabolism while offering a physician-directed diet and exercise plan for optimal results.

  • Medical evaluation
  • Weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and waist measurement
  • B12 injection
  • Diet plan and exercise assessment 
  1. The Weight-Loss Fat-Burner

Combining diet medication, a diet and exercise regimen, and lipotropics (which help the body break down fat), this plan ensures fat-burning and increased energy.

  • Medical evaluation
  • Weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, and waist measurement
  • Three-week supply of diet medications
  • Lipotropics injection
  • Diet plan and exercise assessment 
  1. The Fat-Burner Booster

Enjoy the benefits of a lipotropic injection along with a healthy diet and exercise plan to boost your metabolism in the Fat-Burner Booster plan. 

  • Medical evaluation
  • Weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and waist measurement
  • Lipotropics injection
  • Diet plan and exercise assessment

Right Weight Center is proud to offer free weight loss consultations to patients in Greenbelt and Camp Springs, Maryland. Our personalized programs are designed to help you reach your goals in a supportive, physician-directed environment. We are currently open by appointment only. 

In addition to four different weight loss plans, we offer fat-burning boosters to help you lose or maintain your current weight. Please call our office at 301-345-7885 to schedule a Telehealth visit. Get started on your weight-loss journey today!

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What Our Patients Say About Us

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To whom it may concern;  I Have been a Client with Right Weight Clinic for over ten years. I think you did a great job when you helped me today. So in my opinion I definitely rate you…

Susan Johnson

I really appreciate Towanda because she really cares: Towanda  expressed when I came into the office recently she noticed she had not seen me lately. This is just one example of the Excellent Customer Service she provides inclusive…

April Dixon

Nika was great! Very knowledgeable and informative about the program. Could not have asked for a better person to make me feel comfortable throughout the process.

Keith Tukes

RightWeight is the best and most economical weight loss clinic in the DMV. I have researched others and none comes close to RightWeight. The customer service in the clinic is the best. The doctors have great bedside manners.…

Amanda Oldakowski

My Doctor in the same office said the program works when I asked about it. I am tired of dieting and fad weight loss program that bounce me up and down. This actually works. Totally legit. I've been…