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How To Avoid Weight Gain At Home: 4 Tips For Weight Management While In Quarantine

How To Avoid Weight Gain At Home: 4 Tips For Weight Management While In Quarantine

The gym may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to shut down your weight loss plan. Staying fit at home is all about creating and sticking to a healthy routine that works for you. Follow these four easy tips to get your fitness back on track without ever setting foot outside.

  1. Arm Yourself With The Right Equipment 

At-home fitness doesn’t have to involve costly exercise machines or complex equipment. All you need to do is invest in a pair of dumbbells and/or a fitness tracker or running watch. Dumbbells are a cost-effective way to add an extra challenge to your cardio and build muscle faster, and a fitness tracker makes everything easier by measuring the amount of calories you burn and how long your workouts take. 

  1. Create An Ideal Workout Area 

When you set up a designated exercise area, make sure it is as far away from the kitchen as possible. This will help you avoid wandering into the kitchen and eating when you’re bored. Keep in mind that exercise isn’t just great for your waistline, it can help ward off stress too!

  1. Eat Well, Eat Mindfully

When you’re eating, take your time and be mindful of every bite. Rather than rushing through it, which can lead to bloating and indigestion, focus on tasting each bite and clearing your plate slowly. In addition to mindful eating, try to:

  • Commit to cutting back on sugar, alcohol and high-fat foods
  • Stock your pantry with healthy snacks
  • Prep meals for the week so you can grab a healthy meal when you feel like grazing
  • Designate a certain day or days to practice intermittent fasting

Moreover, COVID-19 is a reminder to all of us that eating right is important not just for looking your best, but feeling your best as well. Healthy diets bolster the immune system, so remember that the next time you are tempted to skip out on a healthy meal. 

  1. Always Have A Bottle of Water

Make a conscious effort to keep a large water bottle by your side that you can easily refill. Drinking lots of water can help you feel fuller longer and even help boost your metabolism. To help yourself feel full and satiated for a long time, pair high fiber vegetables with water. You will have to use the bathroom more often, but that won’t be an inconvenience when you’re already at home. 
Our offices remain open by appointment only. If you’d like to schedule a virtual visit, please call 301-345-7885. Right Weight Center offers several personalized programs designed to help you reach your goals in a supportive, physician-directed environment. In addition to four different weight loss plans, we offer fat-burning boosters to help you lose or maintain your weight.

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