shutterstock_1855980214_C1WZgEw.jpeg (shutterstock_1855980214.webp)Of people who made New Year’s Resolutions for 2021, one survey(opens in a new tab) found that 50% of Americans wanted to exercise more, 39% wanted to improve their diet, and 48% wanted to lose weight. Unfortunately, we know that without the proper tools and support, these resolutions aren’t always kept. Luckily, the experts at Right Weight can provide you with those tools and support, helping you navigate the New Year and meet your weight loss goals. To explain how, let’s take a look at a few questions you may have:

Why Do Weight Loss Resolutions Fail?

According to one poll, it takes just 32 days, or until February 1st, for most people to break their resolutions. Worse, 68% of those individuals give up even sooner. What makes resolutions so difficult to follow through on?

  • Lack of support: When we set a resolution or other kind of goal, it’s important that we have support from those around us. For instance, losing weight can be made much harder if the people you live with continue stocking the house with junk food. However, it can be easier with a gym buddy or other kind of weight loss community.
  • Lack of planning: Weight loss requires lots of changes to routine, including changes to diet and exercise habits. Without the proper planning, these changes can be difficult if not impossible to implement.
  • Lack of resilience: Setbacks happen; just because you ate a donut at work, skipped the gym, and then had a big burger for dinner doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track the next day. However, for many people, these small slips can feel irredeemable, making getting back on track much more difficult.
  • Lack of realistic goals: Many people tend to set large, unrealistic goals that inevitably end in failure. In a lot of ways, setting realistic, attainable goals is a skill, and a very important one to learn to achieve weight loss.
  • Lack of specificity: As opposed to having an unrealistic goal, having no goal, or too vague a goal, can also lead to failure. For example, the resolution to “lose weight” with no other details or plans is destined to fail.

How Can Right Weight Help Me Succeed?

The professionals at the Right Weight Center are dedicated to helping you meet your weight loss goals, and they also know why weight loss resolutions often fail. Armed with all their knowledge, they created the Right Weight Program, a program with no contracts, hidden fees, gimmicks, or crazy diets. After a free consultation to see if the program is right for you, you’ll visit the Right Weight Center once every three weeks, where you’ll get everything you need to fulfill your resolution.

In fact, our care team can help you avoid all the elements that lead to failed resolutions. Not only will we support you through these changes, challenges, and any setbacks, but we’ll help you make and stick to a diet and exercise plan that works for you. Our experts can also help you set (and learn how to set) realistic, specific, and attainable goals. We know that the resolution to lose weight is one that’s easier said than done—but we want to make it as easy for you as possible.

What Makes the Right Weight Program Special?

That’s not all the Right Weight Program can do for you! The Right Weight Program also utilizes natural, clinically proven products that suppress fat and carbohydrate absorption, like appetite suppressants. Our program also uses metabolic boosters, fat-burning boosters, and lipotropic injections. These additions make our program stand out from other weight loss clinics and programs, as they also make exercising, sticking to a healthy diet, burning calories, and losing weight, even more doable.

Start your New Year off right and call Right Weight at 301-345-7885 today to schedule an appointment. Conveniently located in Camp Springs and Greenbelt, Maryland, the professionals at our weight loss clinics will offer you the tools and support you need on your weight loss journey.