Spring has sprung, and that means beach season is on the horizon. As people emerge from their winter “hibernation”, many will begin to focus on losing weight before their summer vacations. Unfortunately, a large number of them will try to do so the wrong way: via a fad diet.

vegetable_juices_vegetables_weight_loss What do we mean by a large number? The Boston Medical Center recently reported that of the estimated 45 million American who go on a diet annually, 50% of them use fad diets. That’s an incredible number of people trying to lose weight - and more importantly, doing so in an unhealthy manner!

The Problems with Fad Diets

Fad diets have captured the public’s attention for decades, and are responsible for billions of consumer dollars spent each year. They are numerous and varied in nature, but their core claims are all the same. They all promise quick and easy weight loss. But the truth is that a fad diet is the exact opposite of true weight loss.

Fad diets are crash diets. They involve short-term, unhealthy, unbalanced eating plans. Many of them force us to eat little to nothing of nutritional value, or ask us to stop eating some food groups entirely.

As a result, fad diets deprive our bodies of basic nutrition. Eventually, this type of “dieting” leads to massive cravings that we cannot resist. When this happens, and when we return to our former eating habits, we’re likely to yo-yo back to our original weight. That’s the best case scenario, though. In many cases, people report gaining additional weight - primarily due to their cravings for excess calories, as their bodies try to replenish their depleted nutritional stores.

The simple truth is that by design, fad diets cannot provide us with the long-term nutrition we need to care for our bodies while simultaneously losing weight. The same goes for diet products. Pills, foods, supplements...if they claim to help you lose weight fast, you’re best off running away from them. Fast.

The Alternative To The Fads

As tough as it is to lose weight the 'old fashioned way', doing so truly is the path to a healthier and skinnier you. The best diet is not a diet at all. Instead, you must make lifestyle changes that include (healthy!) foods you enjoy, exercise, and other good wellness habits.

And in terms of your diet? Rather than eating one food group or relying on liquid fad diets, you should eat whole, healthy foods. That means lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, as well as complex carbohydrates. Measuring what you eat during meal prep will ensure you also eat the right amount of everything. Remember, portion control is key! Treats can be enjoyed moderation, too - but your primary food sources should nourish and energize you.

It’s no magic wand solution, but it’s effective! And while this approach takes longer to generate results, it makes an actual difference. Remember: fad diet weight loss is primarily from muscle and water weight depletion. By eating properly - and working out on a regular basis - you can slowly but surely work on losing fat reserves instead. This is the true key to long-term weight loss!

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