emptypockets.jpeg (image_gTafHSv.webp)The average yearly cost of a gym membership, including joining fees, comes out to a hefty $800 per year. Although some individuals are able to make a gym membership worth the cost, research has shown that the majority of gym members see very little benefit from their membership and rarely achieve lasting or measurable results.

Financial fitness and physical fitness should not be opposing forces. That’s why Right Weight Center’s clinics in Greenbelt and Camp Springs, Maryland are designed with a comprehensive, personalized approach to weight loss at costs dramatically lower than the average gym membership. 

Four Advantages To Right Weight Center’s Physician-Directed Program 

  1. No Long-Term Contracts

At Right Weight Center, our physicians don’t believe in lengthy contracts, hidden fees or gimmicks. Our only goal is to give our patients tangible weight loss results. Each of our four weight loss plans have a 3 week duration, and we ask patients to follow-up with us once every three weeks so that we can successfully monitor their progress. 

  1. Affordability

Losing weight shouldn’t break the bank. Our plans are designed with affordability and accessibility in mind, starting as low as $55 dollars and not exceeding $85. 

The pricing structure of our four weight loss plans is as follows:

  1. Weight Loss Guided By Physicians, Not Personal Trainers

Our team is made up of board-certified family physician Dr. Eveline Ane and board- certified internist Dr. Girish Rao. Dr. Ane is highly experienced in providing medical care to all age groups, ranging from children to seniors. Dr. Rao has a special interest in the management of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, and believes strongly in the power of preventive medicine. 

Working alongside physician assistants and technicians, the doctors at Right Weight Center have successfully treated over 10,000 patients. We check each patient’s vitals, weight, height, BMI and blood pressure, review their medical history, and make sure their medications will not interact with our metabolism-boosting medications

  1. Free Consultations

When you come to the Right Weight Center clinic, one of our doctors will perform a complimentary evaluation to make sure you qualify for one of our plans. If it’s determined that our weight loss program is right for you, we will register you and walk you through a diet plan, review your food habits, and administer appropriate medication.

If you are ready to lose weight in a safe, physician-directed environment, contact us at 301-345-7885 for a free weight loss consultation. Our weight loss plans can be customized to your unique needs and personal transformation goals. We also provide a number of fat-burning boosters to help our clients achieve the look they’ve struggled to achieve on their own. Get started on your weight-loss journey today!