Healty FoodLet’s face it: burning fat and losing weight can feel like an impossible task. Many of us have tried every tip we’ve come across online, from intermittent fasting and trendy diets to viral exercise routines, only to see no change on the scale. Luckily, whether you’re looking to lose those last few pounds to get to your goal weight or at the very beginning of your journey, the weight loss specialists at the Right Weight Center have a tool to help you: fat burning boosters!

What Are Fat Burning Boosters?

Though weight loss is often over-simplified to burning more calories than you consume, it is often the case that other factors are at play, including a deficiency of important vitamins and minerals. At the Right Weight Center, we understand the role nutrition plays an important in weight loss, and that sometimes people struggle to get all the nutrients they need from their diet alone. That’s where our boosters and lipotropic injections come in!

Our fat burning boosters are designed to help you shed stubborn fat. Using a selection of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that encourage the breakdown of fat in the liver, these boosters allow our patients to maximize their weight-loss potential.

Are Fat Burning Boosters Right For Me?

When paired with a healthy diet and exercise regimen (which our experts can help you with as part of the Right Weight Program), fat burning boosters are a great way to give you the extra help you need on your weight-loss journey. However, the best way to know if fat burning boosters are right for you is by scheduling a weight loss consultation with our experts.

At your consultation, your doctor will start by checking your vitals, weight, healthy, BMI, and blood pressure before reviewing your medical history and current medications. Then, once your weight loss goals are discussed with our medical team, our doctors will be able to determine if our programs are right for you.

Can You Tell Me More About The Right Weight Center’s Fat Loss Programs?

Yes! At the Right Weight Center, we treat patients over the age of 16 with a BMI above or equal to 25. Our patients have a wide range of weight loss goals, so we offer four customizable plans to help our patients lose weight in accordance with their needs and objectives. All of our plans include a proven diet plan and exercise assessment, as well as lipotropic or B12 injections to be administered by our highly-experienced and dedicated team of physicians, physician assistants, and technicians.

If you’re specifically interested in our fat burning boosters, we offer these as part of our Fat-Burner Booster plan ($70) and our Weight-Loss Fat-Burner plan ($90), the latter of which also includes a supply of diet medications. With our programs, you’ll have a follow-up visit once every three weeks with our weight loss doctors in Greenbelt or Camp Springs to monitor your progress, readminister boosters, and guide you through our program.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, stop searching for “weight loss clinic near me.” Instead, visit the Right Weight Center or call 301-345-7885 for a consultation, and to get the tools and support you’ve been searching for.