healthymeal.jpeg (image_ckYrZ65.webp)For many years, the phrase “a calorie is a calorie” has guided the Western philosophy of diet and weight loss, but that is not altogether true. Recent research has shown that the path to weight loss and weight management is not through diet quantity, but quality. 

One study found that people who reduced their intake of added sugar, highly processed foods and refined grains, without limiting their portions or counting calories, lost a significant amount of weight over the course of one year. Thus, rather than choosing foods based on their caloric value, we should instead focus on nutrient-dense, high-quality foods. 

It can be challenging to parse the wealth of diet and fitness-related information online. The board-certified physicians at Right Weight Center understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to nutrition and weight loss. For the past 10 years, family medicine specialist Dr. Eveline Ane and internist Dr. Girish Rao have run a clinically-driven program geared towards helping those with a BMI of 25 or higher achieve weight loss safely and healthily. 

Scientific research shows that absorption of vitamins and minerals, like those found in high quality foods, are the most effective way to not just lose weight, but keep it off for good. Here is the difference between high and low quality food:

What Is Low Quality Food?

Food that is of low quality has a low amount of nutrients per volume, with an excess of saturated fat, sodium, or added sugar. Unfortunately, our markets are flooded with affordable, low-quality food, making it tempting to choose over higher quality items. 

Consciously limit your purchases of the following:

  • Highly processed snack foods - Potato chips, pastries. 
  • Refined grains and starches - White bread, bagels. 
  • Food high in saturated and trans fats - Bacon, whole milk. 
  • Fried food
  • High glycemic foods - Potatoes, white rice.
  • Drinks with added sugar/sweeteners - High fructose corn syrup.   

What Is High Quality Food?

High quality food is minimally processed and contains a high amount of nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Moreover, key vitamins like B12 have been shown to have a positive affect on our metabolism. When combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, lipotropic compounds (an injectable blend of B vitamins and amino acids) can actually help break down fat stores inside the body. Right Weight Center is extensively experienced in determining the appropriate amount of these lipotropics based on an individual’s lifestyle and personal goals. 

In order to begin a healthier lifestyle that embraces a quality diet, maximize your intake of these unrefined, nutrient-dense foods:

  • Fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables (avoid canned.)
  • Whole grains - Quinoa, brown rice, barley.
  • Legumes - Black beans, kidney beans. 
  • Healthy fats - Olive oil, nuts, fatty fish.
  • Lean proteins - White-meat poultry, peas, lentils.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

A balanced diet is not just beneficial for weight management and weight loss, it’s also critical for your overall physical and mental well-being. By getting the nutrients your body needs, you are decreasing your chances of contracting chronic illness like heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. 

Right Weight Center knows the role that proper nutrition plays in keeping bodies active and strong. Our physician-guided programs are custom-tailored to your body’s unique needs, and ensure that you can reach your weight loss goals as safely and healthily as possible. Our offices, conveniently located in Greenbelt and Camp Springs, Maryland, have helped thousands of people lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

If you are interested in losing or maintaining your current weight, contact us at 301-345-7885 for a free weight loss consultation. We offer four different weight loss plans and a number of fat-burning boosters to help our clients achieve the look they’ve struggled to achieve on their own. Get started on your weight-loss journey today!