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4 Ways To Get Moving Outdoors

4 Ways To Get Moving Outdoors

With social distancing restrictions keeping most of us cooped up inside over the past year, maintaining a healthy amount of physical activity was quite the challenge. If you are seeing a higher number on the scale than you did pre-pandemic, you are not alone. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), 61 percent of American adults reported unintended weight gain since the start of quarantine. 

Now that warm weather is in full swing and social distancing restrictions are starting to lift, many of us are itching to get back into our exercise routines. Our latest blog explains four exciting ways you can get moving outdoors this summer: 

  1. Travel On Foot Instead of Car

The next time you grab your car keys to go get a coffee, consider the amount of calories you could burn by walking there and back instead. Walking is a highly effective yet easy way to ease your body back into physical activity after a long period of being sedentary. Did you know that a 180 pound person burns 100 calories for every mile they walk? 

Furthermore, your walking speed matters less than the distance you travel. So the next time you head out of the house to run errands, consider taking a scenic route on foot to take in some fresh air and beautiful sights, all while burning calories.

  1. Let Lipotropics Power Your Workouts

You may have heard buzz about “lipotropics” or “lipotropic injections,” and there’s a good reason for the hype. Lipotropics are a fine-tuned mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to maximize weight loss results. How, exactly? A lipotropic formula has the power to:

  • Increase vitamin & mineral intake
  • Temporarily enhance metabolism
  • Boost energy levels
  • Support the removal of fat & bile from the liver
  • Help balance hormone levels

The metabolism-enhancing effects of lipotropic injections are temporary, so it’s not a permanent weight-loss solution. Here at Right Weight Center, our physicians recommend that patients return to us every three weeks for additional injections as necessary to reach their goal weight. It’s important to note that at Right Weight Center, our lipotropic injections do not contain ephedrine, which is known to cause issues for some patients. 

  1. Try a Medical Exercise Program

Too many of us have had (and neglected) gym memberships, the monthly fees of which add up quickly. Furthermore, gym memberships do not afford people the guidance and direction they need to successfully achieve their weight loss goals. 

Medical weight loss programs, like the ones offered at Right Weight Center, offer patients physician-directed weight loss that achieves results. Board-certified doctors Eveline Ane, MD, and Girish Rao, MD have years of clinical experience helping men and women with body mass indexes (BMIs) at or above 25 lose weight safely and keep it off. 

We start by thoroughly reviewing each patient’s medical/surgical history, and going over their weight loss goals. After taking vitals, including weight, height, BMI, and blood pressure, our doctors can then determine whether or not one of the weight loss programs is right for you. Each of our programs contain concrete plans for a healthy diet and targeted exercise regimen, combined with appetite suppressants, fat burners, and energy boosters. 

Currently we offer four different weight loss plans: weight loss metabolic booster, metabolic booster, weight loss fat burner, and fat burner booster. If necessary, we can personalize a program just for you. 

Our programs are free of hidden fees, contracts, and other gimmicks that so often plague gyms and other workout environments. Our continuing mission is to help patients lose or maintain their current weight using clinically-proven strategies, guided and monitored by actual doctors. 

  1. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Now is the time to embark on all the activities and adventures that the pandemic forced us to put aside. Have you always been curious about bicycling? Swimming in a natural body of water? Jogging? Make a list of all the exciting, new physical activities you can safely partake in this summer, and start checking them off. By mixing up your routine with a change of scenery and things you’ve never done before, you are much more likely to stay motivated on your fitness journey. 

Looking for more ways you can become active and reach your weight loss goals? Right Weight Center is proud to offer free consultations to first time patients! Give us a call at 301-345-7885 to set up your complimentary evaluation. With our wide variety of customizable weight loss plans and supplemental fat-burning boosters, we’ll offer the support you need to improve your quality of life.

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